Sunday, September 14, 2014

Three FREE Vamp Star albums

That's right, folks. For a possibly limited time, we are offering our first three albums as free downloads. No gimmicks, no sign ups, no pop-ups. Just download, unzip, and rock out.  CDs will still be available on Amazon for collectors.

Don't know which album to download? Download all three! But if that is too much nerdvert sleazy goodness for you, you can follow our handy download guide listed below.

Wicked City Radio, probably the best of the three. Full of exploitation film and B-movie goodness. Featuring tracks like: I Wish it was the 70s, Jungle Girl vs. the Cannibal God, and 1-900-Mondo Sexy.

To download click here:  Vamp Star - Wicked City Radio free download

The Only Game in Town, a mix of nerdcore rock, party songs, and world music. Featuring tracks like: Goin' All Alpha Nerd, Pump, and Here We Are!

To download click here:  Vamp Star - The Only Game in Town free download

Kitty Girls Gone Wild! Our first major release and a collection of our earliest and sleaziest songs. Featuring tracks like The Grind and Nekomance, plus updated versions of Pussycat Purr and Hentai Girl. Also, a brand new version of Sexy Sexy ft. Pride3000.

To download click here:  Vamp Star - Kitty Girls Gone Wild! free download

Note: Mediafire is a trusted download site, but with multiple downloads you may have to fill in a captcha.