Friday, February 3, 2012

Vamp Star Merchandise

Vamp Star albums available in digital and CD formats. The links below go to both.

The Need for Sleaze - 2017
The Need for Sleaze, Vamp Star's seventh full release, is a stunning journey into sleaze, sci-fi, and the morbidly sexy. Ten tracks of sleaze-o-riffic music ranging from lounge to disco to hard rock.

CD - $10 Digital - $9.90

Track List: 
1. Dynamite Girl
2. Martian Lounge Hour
3. Music from the Devil's Disco
4. The Grim Peeper
5. Succubus Radio Hour
6. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
7. Fornigalactic - The Starship Luxuria
8. Mondo Emanuelle
9. Naked Killer - Seduce and Destroy
10. Lady Satan and the Apocalypse Roadshow

The Need for Sleaze on iTunes

Music from the R'lyeh Lounge - 2015
Music from the R'lyeh Lounge, Vamo Star's sixth full release, is an eldritch opus of groovy, sleazy, and psychedelic sounds with a focus on weird fiction. In the same musical vein as Fascination, R'lyeh Lounge journeys further into the strange and bizarre. 

CD - $10 Digital - $9.90

Track List:
1. Sugar Bang Bang
2. Technicolor Whore
3. Cattywampus
4. The Frodis Room + Cannibal Time Bomb
5. Collect Call of Cthulhu
6. Strange, Savage, Psychokinetic
7. 99 Times out of Ten
8. Image of the Beast
9. Inferno - This Goblin Night
10. Painted Smiles

Music from the R'lyeh Lounge on iTunes

Strippers, Clowns, and Cowboy Hats - 2015
Ten songs to enjoy during the Redneck Circus Apocalypse. Over all Vamp Star's heaviest release to date, SC&CH is in many ways a loose sequel to Wicked City Radio featuring hard rock mixed with experimental elements of disco, world music, and country; also with a b-movie, sci-fi, and exploitation film theme. 

CD - $10 Digital - $9.90

Track List:
1. Ready to Thrill
2. Hard as they Come
3. Sluts in Space ft. Pride3000
4. Beach Babes from Beyond
5. Lee Van Cleef
6. Last Som'Bitch on Earth
7. White Dynamite
8. Sexy Sexy '78 ft. Pride3000
9. Flesh - Such Strange Relations
10. Strippers, Clowns, and Cowboy Hats

Strippers, Clowns, and Cowboy Hats on iTunes
Fascination - 2014
The fourth major release from Vamp Star, Fascination, takes the expierimental elements of Wicked City Radio and sinks into them fully. Gone are the dance/rock sounds of the past. In their place is a strange musical trip into multiple genres of sleazy music. Its a wonderful, moody, and demented. Fascination is also Vamp Star's second concept album, telling the story of a deranged former disco singer and his downward spiral.

CD - $10 Digital - $9.90

Track List:
1. Disco Thrashing Mad
2. Saturday Night Done Just Right
3. Zombie Beach Party
4. Catch You on the Flip Side
5. Clown, Clown, Clownin' Around
6. Fascination
7. The Starlight Theatre
8. Debbie on the Line
9. Breaking Point
10. Captain 1978

Fascination on iTunes

The Only Game in Town - 2013
This ten track collection features unreleased tracks, the out of print Star Krash album, and several all new songs. It mixes the dance rock of classic Vamp Star with world music, experimental rock, beach music, and nerdcore. Guest appearences include Pride3000 and Mio Himemiya.

CD - $10  Digital - Free

Track List:
1. Pump
2. Here We Are!
3. Where Eternity Dwells
4. Vamp Star II - The Battle for the Vamp Star ft. Pride3000
5. Jump up Now
6. Goin' All Alpha Nerd
7. 3,2,1 - Fight! ft. Mio Himemiya
8. Midnight Adventures
9. Maybe Someday
10. Weird America

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Wicked City Radio - 2013  The second full release from Vamp Star, Wicked City Radio is a loosely based concept album with each song focusing on either an explotiation film or a grindhouse themed original story. This is Vamp Star's most experimental release yet, touching on genres ranging from metal to disco to lounge.
Featuring ten new tracks and two Vamp Star classics re-vamped.

CD - $10   Digital - FREE

Track List:
1. I Wish it was the '70s
2. Action Girl
3. Take it Off
4. Erotic Nights
5. Jungle Girl vs. the Cannibal God
6. The She-Devil Rides Out - The Go-Go Girl part II
7. Wicked City Radio
8. Secrets of Sweet 16
9. The Ghost
10. 1-900-Mondo Sexy

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Kitty Girls Gone Wild! - 2012 In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Vamp Star comes Kitty Girls Gone Wild! This 'Best Of' album features the best songs from the 2007 incarnation of Vamp Star, both digital singles, two new songs, and re-vamped versions of several of the band's most popular tracks.

CD - $10    Digital - Free

Track List:
1. The Grind ft. Pride3000
2. The Go-Go Girl
3. Skintight
4. Cyber:Gasm
5. Pervert Anthem
6. Get Naughty
7. Pussycat Purr
8. Hentai Girl
9. Nekomance ft Mio Himemiya
10. Makin' Love in Outer Space
11. Sexy Sexy ft Pride3000

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