Friday, February 3, 2012

Vamp Star Bio

The sound of Vamp Star is an experimental blending of disco, hard rock, lounge, and 70s style exploitation film music; often with a focus on exploitation films. And though experimental, their songs keep a solid pop structure; making them far more accessible than many multi-genre groups. They believe a catchy hook is never a bad thing.

Just a few of the labels Vamp Star has been given are: Disco Rock, Go-Go Metal, and Grindhouse Sleaze Rock.

Some of  Vamp Star's main influences include: The Bee-Gees, Zilch, The Mighty Raw,  Pop Will Eat Itself, Bloodhound Gang, Rob Zombie, Killer Barbies, Jess Franco, Guns n Roses, Mr. Bungle, cartoons, and 70s exploitation film music.

Vamp Star formed in November of 2002 as a two piece. Their goal was to create something that was as visually stimulating as it was sonically. Using elements of hard rock and dance, the two started shaping what would become the original Vamp Star sound. But it wasn't until vocalist Rob Gray wrote the song Sexy Sexy, a track meant to sound like a sleazy game show, that the band truly found themselves. A indie magazine once called Vamp Star "The bastard child of Rob Zombie and Aqua." 

Over the next two years the band performed and toured with a sexy catholic school themed live show. Often too unique for traditional rock clubs the band played everywhere from sex conventions to small festivals to strip clubs. After several years together and a handful of independent releases, the band took a break.

 In 2007 there was a renewed interest in the band. After the three year hiatus the fanbase had only grown. Fans wrote almost daily demanding social media pages in order to feature Vamp Star songs on their profiles. Internationally the band had gained exposure through European indie magazines. Founding member Rob decided it was time to reform. The new Vamp Star, based out of Hollywood, resumed full activities shortly there after.With a new, even sexier stage show(featuring kitty girl dancers) the band tore through Los Angeles, playing many high profile shows and recording/releasing new music.

Over the next several years the band's music began to evolve, moving away from the dance/rock sound. With Vamp Star's second major release, Wicked City Radio, they began incorporating elements of lounge, disco, and '70s adult film music into their sound. Enjoying the new found musical freedom, and deciding to focus on being a band rather than a show, Vamp Star continued evolving in both concept and sound. Each new release brings something unique and different with song styles ranging from disco and country all the way to extreme metal.

Vamp Star:
Rob - vocals, guitar, bass, programming
Ali - lead and rhythm guitar, bass, keys
Jade - Go-Go and DJ/live electronics

The Vamp Star Discography

Wicked City Radio - 2013
The Only Game in Town - (B-sides and unreleased tracks) 2013
Fascination - 2014
Strippers, Clowns, and Cowboy Hats - 2015
Music from the R'lyeh Lounge - 2015
The Need for Sleaze - 2016

Digital Singles:
Nekomance ft Mio - 2009
The Grind ft Pride Vanity - 2009
Vamp Star II - The Battle for the Vamp Star ft Pride3000 - 2013
Beach Babes from Beyond - 2014

Out of Print/Demos:
From Ashes - 2002
From Ashes DX - 2003
Cyber:gasm - 2004
Sexy Sexy (The best of Vamp Star 2002 - 2004) - 2005
Kitty Girls Gone Wild!(The best of Vamp Star 2007 - 2012) - 2012